Written by Sagar Rawat on June. 4th 2021.
Inside this Sales Script You’ll Learn:

 Demand-Killing phrases you should never, ever say to a prospect on the phone
 The 12 part script that built our $1mm+ per month business
 How, when are where to weaponise silence in your sales call
 Word by word… Here's exactly what to say to take money over the phone
Written by Sagar Rawat on May. 15th 2021
In this post, I’m going to highlight 8 of the most common rookie Facebook ad mistakes and explain how you can avoid them.

Hitting the ‘Boost Post’ Button

No Pixel

Wrong Campaign Objective

100% Interest Based Audiences

Wrong Audience Size

Setting and Forgetting

Creating New Ads When You Don’t Need To

No Ad to Landing Page Consistency

Written by Sagar Rawat on May. 7th 2021
If you’ve been venturing a bit in the online marketing world, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “marketing funnel” before. 

To be frank, it was never something that appealed to me. It always seemed like just a way to optimise how many people are giving you money, which doesn’t seem very caring.

What I love about this approach is that it’s all about loving the customers you have, rather than chasing down people you don’t even know yet. 

When you start a business, you don’t have a budget for marketing. You probably don’t have the time or talent for it, either. The only thing you’ve got is your passion… Take that passion and point it at your customers.

3 powerful examples of putting the upside-down funnel to work

Make your customers feel part of the club

Make providing more, free value for existing customers your priority

​Make your customers feel important

Written by Sagar Rawat on June. 10th 2021
Ray Croc- 53- Before meeting The McDonald Brothers

Sam Walton- 44- Didn't open his first Walmart until 44

Martha Stewart- 35- Before opening her first catering business

Stan Lee- 39- Only releases his first Comic

Henry Ford- 36- builds his first car after his career as a mechanic

Hugo Boss- 37- Builds clothing business after working for his parents

Estee Lauder- 40- starts cosmetic business after helping family for years

Colonel Sanders- 62- went from failure to failure, until opening KFC at 62

whatever you dream is, it's never too late to achieve it.

So if you are reading this-
you still got time

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