learn how to create & monetise your coaching business profitably, so you can stand out in your niche and create an impact.

Become the Audacious coach & make a great living helping people

Get LIVE COACHING, ON-DEMAND TRAINING, Tools,  Templates & 24h (WEEKDAYS) support  For Only $7/MONTH

Most coaches charge anywhere from $ 2997 to $9997 for this kind of value.
But I decided to create one every coach could afford for just $7/month.

Here is what you've been told to do when getting your coaching business off the ground...

  1. Sending awkward direct messages to strangers

  2. ​Provide tons of free "value" (what does that even mean?) in Facebook groups or in comments under peoples posts

  3. ​(Desperately) pitch yourself wherever you can

  4. ​Build complicated funnels and burn money on ads (because you’re actually not sure what you’re doing or you're not ready yet)

  5. ​​Buy yet another $997 shiny object that promises you the secret key to finally get clients (just to find out it’s another outdated strategy or simply again sending cold DMs and an attempt to upsell you into a high-ticket)

  6. Buy ​an overly expensive group coaching program, course or signing up with hype-marketing gurus

Or you could join other coaches in Coaching and Impact Club

When you follow the the roadmap laid out for you

Here is what happens when you do that:

  1. You grow a loyal audience of people who actually want your help

  2. ​You start to attract high-quality clients that are an amazing fit for you

  3. ​You are able to create powerful transformations and amazing results

  4. ​You receive a ton of appreciation, reviews, feedback and social proof

  5. ​You can show up with confidence and authenticity

  6. ​You can make a great living from helping others

  7. You work on your on terms and schedule​

  8. ​You never have to worry about where to find your next client again

  9. ​You can ditch sleazy sales tactics and desperate cold outreach

  10. ​You can build the foundation for scaling into more passive income streams

build a loyal community that is craving your help and offers

Sagar Rawat

I never imagined I could figure things out, but I stood on the shoulders of giants. After learning from many coaches, things finally began to click. What I realised is that you can recover everything except time.

Hi there! If a chef can run simple Facebook ads using funnels to deliver impact, so can you.

Honestly, I want the same for you!

When I started out as a rookie coach in January 2018, I had no idea what is a domain and how marketing works at all!

I purchased almost everything available on the market.

So many SHINY OBJECTS, and everything appeared crucial and exciting.

I felt I hadn't discovered my unique edge. Given the industry's hype, I constantly felt like I wasn't doing enough or that I was always missing something crucial.

It seemed everyone on social media had it all figured out—except for me.

I spent almost two years in this overwhelm and nothing to show for it.

After purchasing my fair share of products and courses ranging from $17 to $15000 I finally realised 2 things:

There is no secret hack to
overnight success as a coach

Cookie cutter stuff does not work. You need right strategy and implementation

After wasting 2 years in vein July 2020 I realised: The simple ads strategy to get clients worked best for me. I stopped the broken outreach strategies, Content hamster wheel and my coaching business exploded over the following months. My product was also referred and promoted by students as well which lead to massive recurring revenue


I've worked with coaches in various niches, helping them create their own profitable education businesses. My 1:1 sessions are fully booked for the next six months.

I feel grateful every time I see a sale on my dashboard; each sale represents a new opportunity for me to positively impact a life.

But the formula doesn’t only work for me.

It also works for fellow coaches.


The sought-after expert path

The exact steps to becoming a fully booked online coach FAST with a
loyal tribe that appreciates you and craves your help.


The Coaching & Impact Club

Build and fill your community and signature offer fast and strategically.
Become a sought-after expert that shows up authentically and creates and sells
powerful transformations with confidence and ease.

When you join the coaching and impact club...

You get everything you need to quickly build your reputation as the go-to expert in your niche and become a fully booked online-coach FAST

You’ll get instant access to:

  • 7 Bite-sized modules that provide you with the step-by-step strategy to 10 clients.

  • ​DFY worksheets and sales scripts that you need to create and sell your offers

  • ​Feedback on your offers, worksheets and strategy in the Facebook inner circle group

  • ​2 Live Coaching and Q&As every month

  • Membership portal access

Here's a sneak peak of what's inside...

Training Modules.


of what's inside



For this year, we've taken care of all your posts, and for the upcoming year, we've provided a blank template alongside. Simply drag and drop a background picture, and your content concerns will be a thing of the past. You'll never have to worry about content again!



Stop struggling on your own. Join a powerful community and benefit from opportunities for practice, networking, affiliate programs, and joint ventures. Stay updated with the latest news and strategies in the online coaching industry

We are committed to over-delivering value. With our assistance, you'll not only have your offer ready to launch but will also start generating sales using an automated system.

I am profoundly convinced by the methods and tools shared in this Impact Club. They have enabled me to transform my life and build the business of my dreams not just once, but three times. The only reason I don't offer them for free is that I want to ensure they land in the right hands.

I have a question for you...

What if I can help you to get just 5 more coaching clients this month?

I love celebrating our members' wins…

But I also love that you can fund a whole year of this impact club by  selling just 1 additional coaching sale this month.

Do you think that this can help you to get just 5 more 
coaching clients or maybe getting just one more client?


Join the coaching and impact club!

You don’t need to send cold DMs, fancy funnels or the next hyped-up strategy sold for $9997+ to become a sought-after coach with a community of raving fans.

With an aligned offer suite broken down from a signature framework and unapologetic messaging in strategic content, distributed in the right way you will become a magnet for people that are an amazing fit and crave your coaching services, courses and digital products.

If you’re asking yourself…

I already bought so many things that didn’t help me and why do I need this club?

Then let me tell you this:

  • ​This will allow you to get the accountability, practice and feedback to become an even better coach that creates outstanding results

  • This will help you to flip the switch from chasing clients to being chased by them

  • ​This doesn’t only give you theory and knowledge it also gives you done-for-you templates, scripts and worksheets that you can use in your business instantly

  • ​You aren’t in this alone anymore. Be part of a supportive community of amazing people that are on the same journey.

  • ​There is no risk (7-day money-back guarantee and you can cancel at any time)

This cost less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks but other than the coffee, this has the potential to change your whole life bringing your business from desperation and neediness to confidence and abundance.

Worst case

Maybe it doesn’t work. Maybe you’re a few weeks in, and you decide it’s not for you. Or the content isn’t quite right, or maybe you jumped too soon, or you decide my accent gets annoying...
In that case, anytime in the first 7 days just let me know, and I’ll refund you 100% of what you’ve paid. No questions asked.

Launch A Successful And ProfitableCoaching Business Now!

I stand by the thing I share with you in Coaching and Impact club because they made me a sought-after coach in less than 1 month…  and I want the same for you!

Go from being confused and chasing shiny objects


to being crystal clear about your zone of genius and signature offers.

Stop trying different marketing methods that are humiliating, time-consuming, complicated, expensive or simply don’t work anymore and


have a simple, clear strategy that you can (if that’s what you want) speed up with shoestring budget ads

Stop fighting alone


get support, feedback, accountability, networking/partnership, and practice opportunities in
our amazing members-only community.

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